How to Learn Programming with ChatGPT Efficiently

How to Learn Programming with ChatGPT

Hello everyone, today I’ll share How to Learn Programming with ChatGPT Efficiently.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, standing for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” is an AI conversational model developed by OpenAI, launched in late 2020. Its core idea is to understand human dialogue and language expression through massive unsupervised learning from internet text data. After pre-training, ChatGPT can produce high-quality, coherent responses, enabling natural and fluid conversations with users.

Simply put, ChatGPT is a large model trained via deep learning, absorbing human dialogue and knowledge from extensive internet texts. It generates coherent, high-quality responses based on user queries and context.

How to Use ChatGPT

If ChatGPT seems ineffective or off-target, it’s likely due to ineffective questioning. Asking questions is an art, hence the varied experiences with ChatGPT.

“Prompting” has become an art itself, with the rise of “Prompt Engineers” post-ChatGPT’s popularity. Mastering prompts means utilizing ChatGPT more efficiently in work and learning. Prompts direct ChatGPT on the role to assume, content understanding, response style, format, and language.

How to Learn Programming with ChatGPT

By setting specific prompts, ChatGPT becomes a personal tool for programming education. It can assist in various tasks like creating learning plans, simulating interviews, explaining code, bug finding, and code optimization.

  1. Creating Learning Plans

If you’re starting a new programming language, like Python, and unsure how to proceed, ChatGPT can help create a learning plan. For instance, you could ask:

As a Python expert, what skills do I need to become a Python engineer? Please list them in a progressive order.

This method uses a three-part questioning: setting ChatGPT’s role, outlining the specific inquiry, and requesting detailed, progressive responses.

  1. Simulating Interviews

Interviews are crucial for job selection. Poor performance can result in missed opportunities, making practice vital. ChatGPT can act as an interviewer, and here’s an example of effective prompts for this role:

You are a seasoned programmer, proficient in a vast range of computer technologies… You understand the interview process and how to guide and question applicants. Based on an applicant’s resume, you select key technical questions, rate their responses, and provide feedback.

This setup mirrors real interview scenarios. ChatGPT is instructed to adapt its responses according to the applicant’s answers and resume content.

  1. Code Explanation, Optimization, and Bug Finding ChatGPT can efficiently handle tasks like explaining Python’s bubble sort algorithm with annotations, optimizing code, and identifying bugs.

This article mainly introduces how to use ChatGPT for programming learning. ChatGPT’s capabilities are extensive, requiring ongoing exploration. It can address a variety of learning-related questions we encounter daily.