Correct Usage of ChatGPT for College Students in Learning

Correct Usage of ChatGPT for College Students

In my academic life in the United States, I have encountered and used ChatGPT, and I’d like to share how we can utilize it to enhance our learning efficiency. First, let me express my view: Artificial Intelligence products represented by ChatGPT, stemming from computer science, are fundamentally tools. We should learn to use ChatGPT, not to replace thinking with it.

Understanding ChatGPT’s Role Properly

ChatGPT is a tool that should be utilized reasonably by humans, not to substitute your thinking or handle complex learning problems.

When using ChatGPT, treat it as a “smarter” Google. You can ask it a question, and it will quickly provide somewhat accurate information about that query.

Excessive Reliance on ChatGPT for Learning Can Have Serious Consequences

Fabricated Academic Materials
Once I tried to use it to find papers about memory and a specific brain part. It listed 12 papers, but 11 out of 12 were fabricated by ChatGPT! This means many of the references provided by ChatGPT might not exist. Don’t be easily misled by its answers.

Be Cautious of Permissions
Some schools and professors prohibit the use of ChatGPT. Violating this could lead to invalid grades or even more serious consequences like suspension. Pay attention, as this concerns your future and life!

ChatGPT’s Flawed Code Outputs
For CS students: never rely on ChatGPT to write code. It’s essentially a lexical match without core logical thinking, and the code it generates often contains numerous bugs. Rely on yourself, as we are the intelligent beings! Also, ChatGPT is notably poor in solving mathematical problems. Math learning still requires personal effort.

Moderate Use of ChatGPT Can Improve Learning Efficiency

Writing Papers
ChatGPT’s biggest advantage is speed. You can provide it with a topic and expectations, and it will quickly draft an article. However, this draft is only about 30% complete. Use this framework to structure and input your content. Note: never rely on its content, as it might be inaccurate and repetitive. Use Quillbot for expression enhancement and Grammarly for grammar checks. Finally, use GPT Zero to detect AI traces in your writing to ensure it doesn’t appear overly AI-generated.

Writing Emails
ChatGPT produces very polite emails, often more courteous than what I could write. You can ask for help in English email composition, input your scenario, and ChatGPT will write it quickly and well.